Big Wooden Cage Making

I made a bigger cage for my budgies and share cage blueprints who want to make a wooden cage for their birds.

Cage dimensions: 59cm x 56cm – height 975 cm

I use bamboo skewers instead of wire. But budgies can eat them and might escape from the cage. Control the cage skewers frequently. Do not place the cage outside of the house.

I ordered plywood for the bottom of the cage but they sent me MDF by a mistake. I advise you to use plywood.

You can see the methods to make the cage by watching the video.

I strengthen the cage by using L profiles but they are not in the drawing and the video. You can use wooden parts to make the cage stronger.

Note: Some parts in the drawings might be unnecessary because I wanted to make a balcony but I canceled it when making the cage.

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