NX 11

Add Component

Add Component icon

When you open the “New Assembly” application in Siemens Nx, The new application starts with the “Add Component” command. Also, you can activate this command by;

– Select “Add Component” command from “Menu=>Assemblies=>Components=>Add Component”

– Click on Add Component command on Home Ribbon Bar.

– Click on Add Component command on Assemblies Ribbon Bar.

You can add parts, subassemblies to the assembly by this command.

Command dialogue has five tabs:

  1. Part:  You can add parts from here. 
    1. Loaded Parts: Shows parts list opened. If you start with an assembly application, the list will be empty.  The list only shows opened parts.
    2. Search: You can search parts listed in the list.
    3. View Style: You can change the view style of the parts on the list. Also, you can see parts previews by changing view style.
    4. Recent Parts: The list of the parts that added assembly before.
    5. Open: You can add parts from directories by clicking folder icon near Open.
    6. Duplicates: You can change the quantity of the parts will add in the assembly
  2.  Placement:
    1. Positioning: You can change positions of the added parts.
      1. Absolute origin: Added parts will be positioned on origin of the assembly.
      2. Select Origin: Added parts will be positioned on selected or typed coordinates.
      3.  By constraints: Assembly Constraints command will be active after part added in assembly. You can mate a new part on assembly parts.
      4.  Move: Move the Component command will be active after part added in assembly. First select start point for the part on screen. Then Move Component command will be active. You can change the position and direction of the part.
    2. Scatter: Parts will separately add-in assembly if you click the Scatter icon. (If count is bigger than 1)
  3. Replication:
    1. None: Add command closes after part added in assembly.
    2. Repeat After Add: You can add part repeatedly in assembly.
    3. Pattern After Add: Pattern component command activates after part added in assembly.
  4. Settings: You can change Reference Sets and Layer options from this tab
  5. Preview: You can see the component preview in a small window on the screen.

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