NX 11

Offset Curve

Offsets curve or edges through defined face, direction

To activate command:

  • Curve Ribbon Bar => Derived Curve => Curve Gallery => Offset Curve
  • Menu => Insert => Derived Curve => Offset Curve

For Using “Offset Curve” command:

  • Activate the “Offset Curve” command.
  • Select edge to offset. (If you want to select all edges of the surface select surface)
  • Click MMB once time
  • “Specify Point” will be highlighted. Select a point to define the offset plane. The offset will be created on plane which defined between line and point.
  • Preview of the offset will be created on the NX screen.
  • Define offset value and direction in the “Offset” tab.
  • Click MMB or “Ok” to finish.

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