NX 11

Offset Curve

Offset Curve command offsets “curves in the sketch” or “edges on model” in sketch application. Offset curves are directly associated with their main curves. All changes on the curve will be applied to the offsets automatically.

There are two ways to start the “Offset Curve” command.

  1. Click the “Offset Curve” command on Ribbon Bar.
  2. Select Mirror Curve command from “Menu=>Insert=>Curve from Curves=> Offset Curve”

You can select curves to offset when “Select Curve” active. (When “Select Curve” active, it’s color changes to orange)

  • You can change the offset distance by typing value in the distance box. Also, you can change offset distance by selecting and dragging the head of the arrow.
  • You can change direction by clicking the box near “Reverse Direction”. Also, you can change direction by double-clicking on the offset arrow.
  • You can make offset both sides of the curve. Click “Symmetric Offset” to make an offset on both sides of the curve.
  • “Cap options” change the corner of the curve offsets.
    • “Extension Cap” makes the sharp corner as the main curve
    • “Arc Cap” makes the radius on corners. Radius is equal to the distance length of the offset.

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