NX 11

Offset in Extrude

The offset tab changes the distance between section contour and extruded wall. By the default offset tab hidden in extrude command dialogue box.  You can open Offset options by clicking on the down arrow shown on the figure.

There are four options in the Offset tab:

  • None: It extrudes the contour as same as the section
  • Single-Sided: It gives clearance between contour and extruded wall. Clearance might be inside or outside. You can change direction by dragging inside or outside. Double-clicking does not work to change direction. You should drag or type “-“ before the value to change direction. (I sometimes use this to arrange tolerance clearances.)
  • Two-Sided: You can change inside and outside the wall distance to section contour. (I mostly use this option for square/rectangular tube, pipe modeling. I set start point=0, end point=wall thickness)
  • Symmetric: Both inside and outside wall distances to contour are equal. (Wall thickness is two times of the typed value. Every time look arrow to start and endpoint. Arrow starts contour and ends the outer wall. Because of symmetry total wall thickness is two times of the typed value.)

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