NX 11


It creates points on the sketch.
There are two ways to create a point.

  1. Click point command on Ribbon Bar.
  2. Select point command from “menu=>insert=>Datum/Point=>Point”

A point dialogue box opens after Point command activated. You can create points by clicking anywhere on the screen.
There are two boxes in the “Specify Point” tab.

  1. Point Dialog: New point dialog box opens after this selection. You can enter coordinates for points from “Output Coordinates” opening dialogue. You can select a snap point from the “Type” dialogue box.
  2. Point Snap Selection: You can select a snap point. By default “Inferred point” is active. When “Inferred Point” is active you can select snap points that active on Top Border. If you select any snap options from here, all snap options deactivate on the top bar.

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