NX 11


Profile command makes continuous lines and arcs.
(Shortcut: Z)

After activating the profile command, the profile dialog box occurs. The dialog box has two groups.

Object Type: You can select a line or arc to draw a profile. Selected line or arc box color changes to dark blue.

Input Mode: You can select the first point, endpoint, length, angle of the line, or arc.

1- Line: You can draw lines when line activated in profile command. You can select the first point of the line by clicking the left mouse button (LMB) on screen. After that, you can select the endpoint of the line which will be the first point of the next line or arc by clicking the left mouse button (LMB) on screen.

2- Radius: You can select the radius command by selecting the radius box on the profile command box. Also if you click LMB and drag mouse radius will be active. (radius box color will be blue on profile dialogue box)
İf you want to make tangent between arc start and line end, move the cursor on the end of the line rapidly.

3- Coordinate mode: You can type coordinates of the start/end points of the arcs or lines.

4- Parameter Mode: You can type lengths/angles of the lines or radius/sweep angles of the arc.
The parameter mode is parametric. When you type value and enter, typed dimensions color change to dark blue. Curves that have dark blue dimensions are stayed constant due to dimensions. They can only change by double-clicking on dimensions then changing typed value on dimension.

Curves that have a light blue dimension or have no dimensions can change by selecting and dragging. If you drag the endpoint of a curve, the start point stays stable. If you select curve and drag, curve completely moves and length, angle, etc, stays stable.

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