NX 11


There are three ways to create a rectangle.

  1. Press “R” on the keyboard. (Shortcut: R)
  2. Click rectangle command on Ribbon Bar.
  3. Select rectangle command from “menu=>insert=>Curve=>Rectangle”

The rectangle dialogue box opens after the rectangle command activated. There are three different methods for drawing rectangles.

  1. By 2 Points: Draws a rectangle between two opposite corners of the rectangle. Rectangle edges are parallel to sketch x, y-axis.  When command active click LMB for the first point. Then click LMB again for the endpoint.
  2. By 3 Points: Draws rectangle on three points. Each point defines one corner of the rectangle. You can define the rectangle angle to the sketch axis by this method. You can draw a rectangle by defining the three corner points of the rectangle.
  3. From Center: Draws a rectangle by defining a center point and angle of the rectangle. If the center point of the rectangle constraints to sketch origin, line endpoint, point, etc… rectangle center stays stable and changes on rectangle don’t change center point. (I mostly use this method for drawing rectangles.)

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