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You can edit or create new sections by using section commands. It is mostly used in complex parts and assemblies. It is a very useful command to check models.

You can see created sections in Assembly Navigator on the left side of the screen. (If you can not see on assembly navigator right-click on assembly navigator then select “Include Sections”)

You can create more than one section and save them. To activate one of the sections double click on a section in the navigator.

There are three section commands.

  • New Section: Creates a new section
  • Edit Section: Edits a created section
  • Clip section: Activates / Deactivates last used section

You can activate commands from:

  • View Ribbon Bar => Visibility Group => “Edit Section / Clip Section
  • Menu => View => Section => Edit Section / Clip Section / New Section

New Section and Edit section command windows are smilar.

  • Type: You can change section type as one plane, two planes, and a box.
  • Section Plane: defines plane for section. (I mostly use handle to define sections)
  • Show Manipulator: Makes handle visible/invisible
  • Cap Settings
    • Show Cap: hides / shows a solid body on a section. If deactivated, you will see only sheet walls of the body
    • Color Option: You can define body color in the section. Two options existed in this tab;
      • Body Color: You will see body color in the section.
      • Specify Color: you will see the same cap color for all parts in the section.
    • Show interference: Interfered objects color changes as red on the screen.
  • Section Curve Settings: Creates a boundary curve around the body on the section plane.
  • 2D Viewer Settings: New window opens to show section in 2D.
  • Section Series Settings: You can create more than one section with a defined number and spacing.

2 thoughts on “Section

  • Alvaro

    How can I keep the Section configuration (Show manipulator activated, Show cap activated with Body color, Show section view preview deactivated) from one sesion to the next one? I have to check those buttons everytime I start NX and change them to my desired setup.

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Alvaro,
      To keep configuration
      -Start the “New Section” command
      -Set the configuration in the command dialog box.
      -Click the “Apply” then click “Ok”
      (It works on my computer)


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