NX 11

Synchronous Modeling

Synchronous Modeling is a unique Siemens NX application, you can modify models freely without any limitation of parametric modeling. It is very useful to edit stp models. Also if you have too many features in the history tab and changes on features give errors, You can use Synchronous functions.

  • Parametric modeling: There are limitations of dimensions and parameters on features. You can modify the model by editing features on the history of the part.
  • Non-Parametric Modeling: There is no limitation of parameters on the model.

You should be very careful when using “Synchronous Modeling” because it transforms your design from “Parametric modeling” to “Non-Parametric Modeling”. Do not use previous features to edit part after “Synchronous Modeling” commands used.

For example:

  1. You blend face by using edge blend command as radius= 5mm
  2. You change the size of the blend by using Resize Blend as radius=10mm
  3. Then you want to change the blend size again. You select the first “Edge Blend” to edit from history and change radius as r=40mm. But radius stays constant as r=10mm on the model.
  4. Resize the Blend function overrides “Edge Blend” parameters.

Synchronous Modeling Commands

  1. Move Face
  2. Offset Region
  3. Replace Face
  4. Delete Face
  5. Pull Face
  6. Resize Face
  7. Resize Blend
  8. Reorder Blends
  9. Resize Chamfer
  10. Label Chamfer
  11. Copy Face
  12. Cut Face
  13. Paste Face
  14. Optimize Face
  15. Replace Blend
  16. Mirror Face
  17. Pattern Face

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