NX 11


Thread icon

Thread command, creates a thread on cylindrical faces. (For holes use Hole command. Use thread command only for outer surfaces of the cylinder).

For Activating thread command:

  • Click on Thread in “Home Ribbon Bar => More (in feature group) => Thread.
  • Select Thread command from “Menu => Insert => Design Feature => Thread”

Thread Type:

  1. Symbolic:
    • You can not see it on the screen.
    • You can see and understand from the part navigator.
    • It is useful for drafting.
    • Better pc performance
  2. Detailed:
    • You can see it on the screen and part navigator.
    • It is not useful for drafting.
    • Not good for pc performance


  1. Activate the Thread command. Thread pop up window will open.
  2. Select a cylindrical face. A new pop up window will open. Don’t write anything on the name bar.
  3. Select the start face of the thread. A new pop up window will open.
  4. You can change the thread direction in this window.
  5. Click the “Ok” or middle mouse button. A new pop up window will open. It is the same as the command start window.
  6. If you want, you can change the thread length in this window. Also, there is an option for the right hand/left-hand thread in this window.
  7. Click “Ok” or middle mouse button to finish thread command.

Note: There will be unwanted arrows on the screen after using this command. You can use the “Regenerate All Views” command to clear these arrows.

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