NX CR 2206

Starting NX 2206 

The NX software interface is shown in the figure below.

  1. Quick Access Toolbar: It contains main commands as other software programs like New File, Save, Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy, Paste, etc… You can add or remove commands to Quick Access Toolbar by clicking the drop-down arrow at the end (marked in the figure). Then select or deselect commands to hide or show on the Quick Access Toolbar.
  2. Ribbon Bar: Shows commands to create or edit the models. The commands and the tabs in the Ribbon Bar change due to active application. (Modeling, Drafting, etc…)
  3. Top Border Bar: It contains Menu, Selection Group, View Group, and Utilities Group.
  4. Resource bar: It contains Assembly Navigator, Part Navigator, MBD Navigator, Web Browser, History, and Roles. Some of the tabs as Constraint Navigator, Reuse Library, MBD Query, and HD3D Tools are hidden in the resource bar. You can make tabs visible or hidden from the settings. You can move the Resource Bar to the left or right. Also, you can make the Resource bar invisible, if you move the mouse cursor to the hidden resource bar, it opens.
  5. Cue/Status Line: The text in the Cue/Status Line describes what to do next. Also, there is a progress bar showing the percentage of the process.
  6. Graphic Window: You can create models or draftings in the NX Graphic Window Screen. In the newer versions, you can open and work on more than one part. Active work part window tab color becomes blue. You can switch between open tabs by pressing the” Ctrl+Tab” in a graphics window.

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