Siemens NX


You can lock the parts through circular edges, straight edges or by using the axis of the circular objects in Assembly modeling. The parts are preventing any rotation around the constrained objects by using the “Align/Lock” function in the “Assembly Constraints”.

To create the “Align Lock” constraint;

  1. Start the “Assembly constraints” command.
  2. Set the constraint type as “Align/Lock”.
  3. Select the first object.
  4. Select the second object.
  5. Click “Ok” to finish command.

Tip 1: You can not change the direction of the constrained objects after the command used. You should define the directions of the objects before using the “Align/Lock” constraint.

Tip 2:  If you can not find the constraint type in the “Constraint Type” tab. Look at the “Settings” in the command dialog. The constraint type might be deactivated. Activate the constraint type to be visible in the “Constraint” tab.

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