Siemens NX

Datum Axis

The “Datum Axis” command is used to create linear reference objects. These objects are used to reference other commands or objects.

  • Home Ribbon Bar => Datum/Point Drop-down=> Datum Axis
  • Menu => Insert => Datum/Point => Datum Axis

To create a “Datum Axis”:

  • Click “Datum/Point Drop-down” and select “Datum Axis”.
  • Select your method from the list in the first tab in the dialog box.
  • Select objects to create an axis.
  • Define the axis associative or not from the “Settings” tab.
  • Click “Ok” to finish command.

Methods for creating Datum Axis:

  • Inferred
  • Intersection
  • Curve/Face Axis
  • On Curve Vector
  • XC-axis
  • YC-axis
  • ZC-axis
  • Point and Direction
  • Two Points

Note: If the settings tab is not visible in the dialog box, click the “Dialog Options” on the top-left of the dialog and select “Datum Axis (More)”.

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