Siemens NX

Measure Distance

You can measure the distance between two objects by using the “Measure” command.

You can find command in the different ribbon bars listed below.

  • “Home Ribbon Bar => Analysis => Measure”
  • “Analysis Ribbon Bar => Measure =>  Measure”

To measure the length between objects:

  1. Start the “Measure” command
  2. Select the first object
  3. Select the second object
  4. Minimum distance (3D minimum distance) will be shown on the screen.
    1. Be careful: You want to measure 3d minimum distance or perpendicular distance. Change the distance type as “Minumum Perpendicular” in the result bar appeared on the screen. (shown in the figure)
    2. If you want to see the distance in x,y,z coordinates.
      1. Click on the “Settings” icon in the Preferences tab
      2. Activate “Display X, Y, Z Delta Values” settings in the “General” tab. (Shown in the figure)
  5. Finish command or measure new distances.
    1. Click the Middle mouse button once to measure distance again between objects.
      • If “Show Results in the Information Window” is activated in the “Measure” command window, an information window will appear on the screen after you clicked the middle mouse button once.
    2. Click the middle mouse button twice to finish command.

Note: You should be very careful when using the “Measure” command. It is possible to make mistakes or misunderstand the results. There are several ways to reduce the possibilities of misunderstandings on the measures.

  • Rotate the model around measurement objects and inspect the measure on the screen.
  • Activate the “Display X, Y, Z Delta Values” settings. Be sure which distance you read. (Minimum distance, Perpendicular distance, x-y-z distance)
  • Activate the “Show Results in the Information Window” setting in the command window. In every measurement, you should inspect the information window.
  • Don’t trust any measures on the screen. It might be un-updated. Measure the distance again.

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