Hiding Sketch

By the default settings sketches are seen on-screen and part navigator.

  1. To hide sketch in modeling:
    • Right-click on a sketch on the graphic window or part navigator.
    • Click hide in the opening commands list.


  • Press and hold the right mouse button on the sketch
  • Move mouse on “Hide” command in opening commands
  • Release the right mouse button

To hide all sketches in the model:

  1. Click the “Show and Hide” command. (Shortcut: Ctrl+W)
  2. “Show and Hide” dialog box will be opened.
  3. Click hide on the “Sketches” tab.

Important Note:

You can make sketches internal. In this way, you can hide sketches permanently from the graphic window and part navigator. Click the link to learn how to make sketches internal to child features.

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