Base View

“Base View” used to create a model view on the sheet. It looks like “View Creation Wizard” but you can create only one view. 

To create Base View

  1. Start the “Base View” command.
  2. Normally working part selected for base view. If you want to change part, You can select a part from the “Select Part” tab.
  3. The base view moves with the mouse cursor on the screen. You can place view by clicking on a location in the sheet.
  4. Change the model view orientation if you want from the “Model View” tab.
  5. You can change the scale and settings from the scale/settings tab.
  6. Finish command by clicking the middle mouse button twice or click on “Close” in the dialog box.

Note: You can change location, scale, and settings of the base view after base view created. But you can not change Part and Model View.