Changing Object Color in NX

You can change objects color in NX. These object types changes with the selection in the “Type Filter” in the top border bar.

To change object color:

  1. Activate the “Edit Object Display” command.
    1. Click on the “Edit Object Display” command in the “View Ribbon Bar”.
    2. Press “Ctrl+J” on the keyboard
  2. Set the object type from the “Type Filter”
  3. Select the objects in the graphics window.
  4. Click the middle mouse button once.
  5. The “Edit Object Display” dialog box will open.
  6. Click on the “Color” box in the “Basic” tab.
  7. The color palette will open. Select color to assign object.
  8. Click the middle mouse button once. The “Edit Object Display” will reopen.
  9. Click the middle mouse button once to finish the command. 

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