Changing the Component Name in the Assembly in NX

You can change the component name in the assembly but you should be very careful at this process. I recommend you to take a backup before renaming the component file.

To change the part name in the assembly:

  1. Make work part the component in the assembly which will be renamed.
  2. Click “File => Save => Save As”
  3. The “Save As” dialog menu will be opened. Type the new part file name.
  4. Click “Ok” in the dialog box.
  5. The “Save As” dialog will be opened again. Press “Esc to close this dialog window.
  6. The confirmation box and information box will appear on the screen.
  7. Click “Ok” in the confirmation box.
  8. As you see in the information box (in the figure) the main assembly has not been saved. If you close the main NX assembly file without saving, All the changes will be lost.
  9. Save the main assembly file.

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