Creating New Part Component from the body in NX

You can create a new part by using the solid/surface body in the NX file. There are certain conditions for this operation. First of all, there should be no connections or references between the solid body and other objects in the part file. If not the other reference objects will be inserted in the new part.

To create a part from the body:

  1. Start “Create New” command in the Assembly Ribbon Bar
  2. New Component File” dialog will be opened”. Specify the folder location and the part file name then click “Ok”
  3. Create New Component” dialog will be opened. Select the body in the model.
  4. This body will be inserted in the new part and delete from the main file. The main file will be an assembly file and the new part will be component in the assembly.
  5. Click “Ok” to finish command.
  6. The new part file will be created as a component in the main part file.

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