Extract Geometry

Creates associative or non-associative copies of the faces, bodies, lines, etc.. in the part model

To activate “Extract Geometry:

“Menu => Insert => Associative Copy => Extract Geometry”

You can only select the objects defined in the “Type” tab. If you select objects then change “Type”, your selections reset to zero.

Type list

  • Composite Curve
  • Point
  • Datum
  • Face
  • Region of Faces
  • Body
  • Mirror Body

You can change the associableness of the extracted geometry from the settings tab. If you don’t see the settings tab, click the drop-down arrow under the command window. Click or unclick box near “Associative” in the settings tab, to broke links between the copied face and extracted face.

You can not move extracted geometry if it is associative

Extracted object changes due to copied feature editings.

If the copied objects disappear, Control the “Hide Original” option in the settings tab.