Extrude, makes body or surface by extruding sketch, face or closed area. Also, you can extrude curves, edges, surfaces, sections, areas. Shortly you can extrude everything on the NX screen by using this command.

There are several different ways to start the “Extrude” command.

  • Click on extrude command in Home Ribbon Bar => Feature Group => Design Feature Drop Down => Extrude.
  • Press “X” on the keyboard. (Shortcut: X)
  • Select Extrude command from “Menu=>Insert=>Design Feature=>Extrude”
  • Left or Right-click on the sketch. Select the Extrude command from the opening bar.
  • Press and hold the right mouse button on sketch then move the mouse cursor to the right. Commands will open in a square. Move on extrude command on the right side of the square. Release the right mouse button on the “Extrude” command.

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