Hide Components in the Selected View in Drafting in NX

You can hide parts or subassemblies from the selected views in the assembly drafting in NX. For example, I will hide screws and washers from one of the isometric views. They will visible in other view.

  1. Start the “Hide Components in View” command.
    (Home Ribbon Bar => View Group => Drop-down arrow under the “Update views => Hide Components in View)
  2. Select components to hide.
  3. Click the middle mouse button to highlight “Select View” in the “Views” tab.
  4. Select views that components will be hidden.
  5. Click “Ok” to finish command.
  6. The clock icon will appear on the views, sheet, drawing in the “Part Navigator” on the left of the graphics window. (This means these objects un-updated.)
  7. Right-click on the un-updated views or sheet in the part navigator. Click on the update command from the opening list. (Also, you can use the “Update Views” command to update views.)

Note: The components that are hidden by using the “Hide Components in View” command can only make visible by the “Show Components in View” command.

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