Importing Image in the 3D model in NX

You can import images in the 3d model in NX. The importable image files are jpg, jpeg,  tif, tiff, png. The command to import the image is currently hidden in the new NX version. The command name is “Raster Image” that used to import images in the NX model.

To activate the “Raster Image” command

  • Menu => Insert => Datum/Point => Raster Image
  • Home Ribbon Bar => Feature Group =>  Datum/Point drop-down arrow => Raster Image (It is currently hidden. to make visible search “Raster Image” from command finder. right-click on the command in the command finder dialog box then click on “Show on home tab” )

Steps to import an image in the model file:

  • Activate “Raster Image command”
  • Select Plane to locate Image File (“Specify Plane” in the “Target Object” highlighted)
  • Click the middle mouse button once. 
  • Click the folder icon in the “Image Source” tab. (near the “Choose Image File”)
  • Click the middle mouse button to finish command. (Also you can click “Ok” from the command dialog.)

To move the image in the graphics window:

  • Double click on the image in the graphics window.
  • The raster dialog box will open.
  • Moving cursor handle will appear on the corner of the image
  • Drag the arrow or center handle to move image. (To rotate click on the rotate handle in the moving cursor.)

Note 1: To change the size of the image double click on the image and drag the corner handles on the corner of the image.

Note 2: To change the transparency of the image; double click to open the edit dialog.  Change the “Overall Translucency” in the “Image Settings” in the “Image Definition” tab. (If you can not find this setting, click on the drop-down arrow in the dialog box.)