Linear Dimension

It is used for creating a linear dimension between two objects. Its dialog box looks like Rapid dimension command dialog. 

To create a “Linear Dimension”:

  1. Activate the “Linear dimension” command
  2. There are two different ways to create a linear dimension.
    • Curve/Edge length
      • Select edge or curve to dimensioning
      • Define location on the sheet
    • The dimension between two objects
      • Select the first object.
      • Select the second object.
      • DEfine location on the sheet
  3. Finish command.

Dimension Set: You can create “Dimension Set” by using the “Linear Dimension” command. To create dimension set change the “Method” in the “Dimension Set” tab as Chain or Baseline.

Dimension Set Methods:

  1. None: No sets created. Single linear dimension created between two objects.
  2. Chain: Each dimension in the set starts at the end of the previous dimension. 
  3. Baseline: Each dimension starts at the base object. ( All Dimensions start points are on the same point)

Note 1: If the “Chain” method is passive in the list, change the measurement method. (The problem occurs because of method set as Perpendicular. Change the measurement method as inferred, vertical, horizontal or point-to-point)

Note 2: If you can not see Settings, Dimension Set or Measurement method in the command dialog, click the drop-down arrow to open more tabs in the dialog.

Note 3: You can change the positions of the baseline or chain dimensions. To move dimensions select the first dimension in the set and then drag the dimension to a new location.

Note 4: To change offset distance between dimensions in the Baseline dimension set.

  • Select Dimension Set
  • Click edit. (You can open the edit dialog box by double-clicking on the set)
  • Change the offset value in the “Dimension Set” (Default value: 12.7)