Make Perpendicular

“Make Perpendicular” command makes the planer face perpendicular to the another selected face. (It is currently hidden in the NX. First, make visible the command. You can click here to learn how to make visible.)

For making faces perpendicular by using the “Make Perpendicular” command.

  1. Start the “Make Perpendicular” command in the “Synchronous Modeling” group. (Home Ribbon Bar => “Synchronous Modeling” group => More => “Relate” Group => Make Perpendicular)
  2. Select Face to make perpendicular. (Motion Face” tab will be highlighted automatically on the command window when command started.)
  3. Select the reference face when “Motion Face” highlighted. (Stationary Face will be highlighted after “Motion Face” selected.)
  4. The model on the screen will be updated if it is possible to make faces perpendicular.
  5. Click MMB (middle mouse button) twice or “Ok” to finish command.

Note: If the command gives error/alerts and not update the model on the screen. To solve the problem follow the instructions write below.

  1. Check your selected faces. 
    1. They might be parallel.
    2. Motion Face might delete any feature on the model.
    3. Check radius/chamfers on the motion face.
    4. Look selected faces in the “Motion Group” if any face selected by mistake
  2. Look settings in the “Face Finder” tab.
  3. Click down arrow on the bottom of the command window to open the “Settings” tab. Try to change “Overflow Settings” in the “Settings” tab