Making Sketch Internal

By the default settings of the NX and older versions of the NX, sketches are staying visible even if they used in commands like extrude, revolve, etc… You can make sketches internal to hide completely from the graphic window and part navigator.

To make sketches internal for all parts that will be created: 

  1. Open “Customer Defaults” (File => Utilities => Customer Defaults)
  2. Click the box near the “Automatically Make Sketches Internal to Child Features” in the  Customer Defaults => Modeling => General

To make sketches internal for created parts:

  1. Right-click on child feature of the sketch (extrude, revolve, etc…)
  2. Select “Make Sketch Internal” to hide sketch completely from the model on the graphics window and part navigator.
  3. If you can not select “Make Sketch Internal” from the list, other features use the selected sketch. To solve this problem, click on sketch and look child features of the sketch in the part navigator. The child features color will change to blue. Broke the unnecessary links between sketch and child features.

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