NX Applications

NX applications are changes the NX theme for using different modules in the NX.

Most used NX applications are:

Modeling: It is used for modeling or editing solid bodies, sheet bodies, 2d or 3d curves, etc…

Sheet Metal: It is used for creating sheet metal models. Also, you can convert models to sheet metal models. (for details click here)

Assemblies: It is used for making assemblies by placing parts.

Drafting: It is used for creating technical drawings for created parts.

Shortcuts for Applications:

Modeling: M or Ctrl + M

Sheet Metal: Ctrl+ Shift + M

Drafting: Ctrl + Shift + D

Assemblies: There is no shortcut in NX 12. In older versions shortcut: A

Tip 1: If there is no Application Ribbon Bar in NX, Right-click on the ribbon bar and select “Application” from the opened list.

Tip 2: If you can not find “Applications” in the  “Menu” bar, click on down-arrow near the top border bar and select “Application” in the “Menu” from the opened list.