Pull Face

You can pull faces outside or inside of the model by using the “Pull Face” command. It creates a wall that contacted on the edge of the pulled face.  

Note: Pull face works like “Move Face” command but there are some differences between them

  • Move Face command do not create walls when moving faces.
  • Move Face command moves/adopt faces with tangent faces.
  • Pull face works like the Extrude command. It adds or subtracts volume from a solid body like extrude command.  If you have problems when using pull face command, try to use extrude command by selecting “Region boundary Curve” or “Face Edges” in the “Selection Set” on the top border.
Using extrude command by changing the selection set as a “Face Edges“.

For using “Pull Face”:

  1. Activate command from “Home Ribbon Bar => More (in Synchronous Modelling) => Pull Face”
  2. Select Faces to Pull (“Select Face” highlighted in Face tab automatically when command started.)
  3. Select “Motion type” to pull.
  4. Pull vector will occur perpendicular to the face. To change direction click on the “Specify Vector” tab in the command window and define a vector.
  5. Type distance to pull faces. Also, you can pull faces by dragging arrow-head on screen.
  6. Click Ok or MMB (Middle Mouse Button) to finish.