RMB functions in NX

I mostly use RMB shortcuts instead of its name in the tutorials. Also, you can see the RMB shortcuts in some documents about the computer. The RMB is the shortcut of the Right Mouse Button.

The Right Mouse Button (RMB) is used open interface pop-up menus. Pop-up menus change due to selected items by the right mouse button.
There are two methods for this

  • Click RMB on a feature to open the pop-up menu.
  • Press and hold the right mouse button en feature. Commands related to the feature will open in a square around the mouse cursor. Move mouse cursor on command and release RMB on command.

Two methods open the same commands for the same feature. Also, this method opens different commands due to the selected features, edge, face, component in assembly…

Press and hold empty space on the screen, view commands pop up will open in a square around the mouse cursor. (I frequently use this method to activate “Fit” and “Snap View” commands)

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