Synchronous Modeling

Synchronous Modeling is used for modifying models in NX. It is an advantageous NX application to modify the model imported without parametric features like stp models.

Synchronous Modeling Commands

  1. Move Face
  2. Offset Region
  3. Replace Face
  4. Delete Face
  5. Pull Face
  6. Resize Face
  7. Resize Blend
  8. Reorder Blends
  9. Resize Chamfer
  10. Label Chamfer
  11. Copy Face
  12. Cut Face
  13. Paste Face
  14. Optimize Face
  15. Replace Blend
  16. Mirror Face
  17. Pattern Face

Note: I prefer to not edit the model by using previous features in the model history after I used Synchronous commands in NX. Look figure. It shows how the synchronous command neutralizes the previous feature.