The Middle Mouse Button

I use frequently the MMB shortening in my tutorials. I realized that some of the visitors don’t know the meaning of MMB. MMB is the shortening of the “Middle Mouse Button”

  • The middle mouse button (MMB) is used to zoom in or out by scrolling. The mouse cursor on the screen becomes a zoom center.
  •  The middle mouse button is used to rotate the model on the screen. Press and hold MMB then drag to rotate. By the default center of gravity of the model is set as a rotating center of the model. If you want to define a rotation center, press and hold MMB and wait a second. An orange point will occur on the mouse pointer which defines the center of the rotation. Drag mouse to rotate model after an orange point occurred.
  • If you want to rotate about an axis, Press MMB on an axis which presents left edge of the screen
  • MMB executes active commands/functions of the dialog box. When dialog box opened, clicking MMB normally is the same as clicking on the “OK” or “Apply” button by the left mouse button. It activates the blue button below the dialog box. Last used below button color changes the blue next time and Clicking MMB activates the same (blue) command next time.
  • Lightly clicking MMB activates sub-functions of the selected tab in the command dialog box. If you don’t want to use sub-function click MMB again to activate the next tab in a command dialog box or finish command.

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