The Section in Extrude

Section bar in the “Extrude” command used to select sketches, curves, areas or faces. It should be active. (orange-colored when it is active) Also, you can make a sketch to extrude by clicking on the “Sketch Section” in the section tab. ( I don’t prefer to make sketches inside commands like this. Because it is possible to delete sketch by mistake. After you finish and exit sketch. If you want to cancel extrude command warning will occur “Cancelling this command will cause the sketch to be deleted. Do you want to save the sketch?” If you press “Esc” again sketch will be deleted.)

When “select curve” active you can select sketch, face, edges, etc… You should observe curve rule on the top bar when using this command.

The most important curve rules:

  • Infer Curves: Selects all curves of the sketch. The sketch should have closed curves contour.  If curves in the sketch don’t have closed contour, Extrude will make the extended surface, not a body.
  • Single Curve: You can select curves one by one. Un-selected curves won’t extrude even if they are in the same sketch with selected curves.
  • Connected Curves: You can select connected curves by clicking one curve on it.
  • Tangent Curves: All tangent curves will be selected with one curve selection of tangent curves.
  • Face edges: You can select edges of the face with one click on the face of the body.
  • Region Boundary Curves: You can select a closed area.  The closed area may be formed with Curves, edges, face ends, etc…

Important Notes:

  • If you select face or datum when Infer Curves active in curve rules, the sketch will be created automatically on the surface or datum you selected. You can draw curves to extrude in this sketch. After you quit sketch, the extrude command will be active again and your created sketch will be selected automatically. (It is the same as the “Sketch Section” function, I wrote on top of the page.)
  • If you have selection problems in extrude command, look “curve rules” on the top bar. For example,  you can’t select curves, sketches when face edges active on curve rules.

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