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You can create, edit, copy, and paste sections in NX.  The section is a very useful function in the cad modeling that used for looking at details and finding mistakes in the assemblies or complex parts. The created sections are listed in the assembly or part navigator on the left in NX

New Section

Creates a new section in the model. You can create more than one section. All sections are listed on the Assembly/part navigator.

To create a new section 

  • Right-click on the “Section” tab in the part navigator then select “New Section. 
  • If you want to change the name of the section type new name in the “Section name” bar.
  • You can change the type of the section from the first tab on the top of the dialog.
    The types of sections:
    • One Plane
    • Two Parallel Planes
    • Box
  • A handle will be seen in the graphics window. Move, rotate or snap handle to specify the location and the direction of the section.
    If you want to change section direction, double click on the manipulator arrow in the graphics window. (Also, you can click the “Reverse Direction” box in the dialog box)
  • If you want to see the interferences in the section, click the checkbox near the “Show interference” in the command dialog box. (Interference regions will be colored as red.)
  • Normally all the parts in the section slice seen with the same color.  To see the body colors in the section change the “Color Option” as “Body Color”.

Edit Section

You can change the name, direction, type or settings of the sections after created. “View Section” dialog will be opened after the “Edit Section” command started. It is similar to the “New Section” dialog.

To edit Section:

  • Right-click on a section in the part navigator then select edit.
  • Click “Edit Section” command in the “View Ribbon Bar => Visibility Group => Edit Section”

Clip Section

The work section becomes visible or invisible according to the “Clip Section” on or off.

To activate or deactivate the “Clip Section”

  • Click “Clip Section” command in the “View Ribbon Bar => Visibility Group => Clip Section”
  • Right-click on the work section in the “Assembly Navigator” then select “Clip” or “Unclip” from the list
  • Click twice on the section in the “Assembly navigator” to activate “Clip Section”

Tip 1: Click LMB twice on the section in the Assembly navigator to activate or change the active section. 

Tip 2: If you want to see the 2d section in the graphics window, click the checkbox near the section in the “Assembly Navigator”. (Also you can make the same operation by right-clicking on the section then selecting “Show Section Curves in Work View”)

Tip 3: You can see the 2d view of the section by activating “Show 2D Viewer” in the “2D Viewer Settings”.

Tip 4: You can copy and paste sections.

Tip 5: You can create working areas in the big assemblies by using “Section”. Create a “Box” section around the sub-assembly or part. This creates a clear working area. Also, this might increase the performance of the graphics card.

Tip 6: You can rename sections by using different methods

  • Type name in the “Section Name” bar in the  “View Section” dialog 
  • Right-click on the section in the assembly navigator the click on “Rename” from the opening list.
  • Click on the section in the part navigator, wait for a second, click again, type a new name of the section.

Note 1: Interferences are shown as red color. Therefore, do not use red color in modeling.

Note 2: If the section of the body seems empty and the body seems like a sheet body, not a solid body, Click the checkbox near the “Show Cap

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