Siemens NX


You can create a sketch by using two different commands. For creating a sketch, activate “sketch” or “Sketch in Task Environment” then select the plane or surface that sketch will be created on it.

To activate Sketch command:

  • Home Ribbon Bar => Direct Sketch group => Sketch
  • Menu => Insert => Sketch

To activate Sketch in Task Environment command:

  • Curve Ribbon Bar => Sketch
  • Menu => Insert => Sketch in Task Environment

Differences between Sketch and Sketch in task environment:

  • Sketch in task environment: You can not change or delete features out of the sketch. I prefer to use Sketch in task environment because it is safer and protects you from changing or deleting previous features of the model. You are free to move in the sketch.
  • Sketch: It is in the home toolbar. You can select features out of sketch and can delete or change them.

If you create a sketch by using “Sketch in Task Environment” when you press <ctl+a> and then press delete, only drawings in the sketch will be deleted.
But if you make the same thing in the sketch created by “Sketch” all of the model in the part will be deleted.

For creating sketch:

  • Activate Sketch or Sketch in task environment. (They have same command window properties)
  • Select a plane or face to create a sketch
  • Click the middle mouse button or “Ok” to finish.

Note: To change the origin of the sketch. Change “Origin Method” as “Specify Point” or “Use Work part Origin

  • Specify Point: Assigns sketch origin on the nearest edge of the surface.
  • Use Work part Origin: Assigns sketch origin on the projection point of the work part origin.

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