Extruded Cut

The “Extruded Cut” command extrudes a sketch closed region to remove a part of a created solid body.

Note: If the extrusion intersects with two bodies, you can select the body to remove

To start the “Extruded Cut” command:

  1. Select the “Extruded Cut” command in the “Features” tab as shown in the figure
  2. Select the command on the path of “Insert => Boss/Base => Extruded Cut
  3. Press the “S” key on the keyboard then select the “Extruded Cut” command on the Flyout Toolbar.

The “Extruded Cut” command usage nearly similar to the “Extruded Boss/Base” command.

You can look at the “Extruded Boss/Base” post written before to see the options in the command dialog box as the Start condition, End Condition, Direction, etc…

Tutorial: Create the 3D model in the figure by using the “Extruded Cut” command.

  1. Create a sketch and extrude it as shown in the figure
  2. Create a sketch on the created solid body surface
  3. Offset 5mm outer curve on surface.
  4. Start the “Extruded Cut” command.
  5. Select created sketch on step-2
  6. Set 5mm distance on end condition in the command dialog on left.
  7. Click “Ok” to remove extrusion.
  8. The 3D model created.

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