Line command is using to make continuous lines or single lines in the Solidworks sketch.

To start the “Line” command:

  • Press the “L” key on the keyboard
  • Click on the “Line” command in the CommandManager (Sketch tab active)
  • Right-click on the graphics window. On the pop-up menu, select Sketch Entities => Line

To create a continuous line:

  1. Start the line command
  2. Specify start point for the line on the graphics window
  3. Specify endpoint.
  4. The previous endpoint will be the start point for the next line. Click on a new point to specify the endpoint for the new line.
  5. repeat these steps to go on drawing continuous lines (Profile) in the sketch.
  6. Press “Esc” to exit the “Line” command

To  create an arc between continuous lines:

  1. Start the line command.
  2. Draw lines
  3. Right-click  on graphics window when line command is active
  4. Select “Switch to Arc” on the opened command list. (Also you can press the “A” key)
  5. Arc moves with the cursor on the graphic window.
  6. Click on the screen to specify the endpoint for the arc.

Note: To change the direction of the arc, move the mouse cursor on the intersection of arc start and line end.

To finish the  Line command:

  1. Press “Esc”
  2. Click twice mouse left button
  3. Click and hold the left mouse button and drag the line end point.
  4. Activate another command

Example: Draw the profile shown in the figure below by using the “Line” command.


  1. Start the “Line” command
  2. Click on point A, point B, point C (First two straight lines created)
  3. Press the “A” key on the keyboard and click on the point D to draw arc C-D
  4. Click on point E, point F to draw D-E, E-F lines
  5. Press the “A” key on the keyboard and click on the point G to draw arc F-G
  6. Click on H and A points to draw G-H and H-A lines.

Note: There is no need to be similar to the figure. You can edit profile by dragging points and curves after created.

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