Siemens NX tips

Changing Zoom Direction

The zoom direction might be a problem for designers who uses multiple cad programs at the same time. The zoom direction might be reverse direction on the different cad program. In my experience, each cad programs have the flexibility to change zoom direction in the program settings.

To change zoom direction in the NX you should open “Customer Defaults”.

  • To activate Customer Defaults “File => Utilities => Customer Defaults”
  • Select “View Operations” in “Gateway” (on the left panel showed in the figure)
  • You can change the zoom direction from the direction tab.
  • There are two options in the direction tab.
    • Forward to zoom in
    • Backward to zoom in
  • Change zoom options.
  • Click “Ok” or “Apply” then close Customer Defaults.
  • Close and restart Siemens NX.

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