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Precise Rotation icon

You can rotate components in the screen slower by activating the Precise Rotation” function. Previous versions it was visible on the top border, but in NX 11 it is hidden. (It is a very useful command. I used it in design meetings and design presentations. )

You can add “Precise Rotation” to bars in two different ways

  1. By using Command Finder:
    1. Type “Precise Rotation” in command finder and press enter on the keyboard.
    2. Commands will be seen in the result window.
    3. Click the right mouse button on command, in the result window and select where you want to add command. (In older versions, it was on the top border.)
  2. By using Customize:
    1. Click the right mouse button on top bar or menu bar.
    2. Click on Customize in the opening list.
    3. Customize window will open
    4. Select Commands bar (By the default Commands bar will open)
    5. In categories panel Select operation. (Menu => View => Operation)
    6. Find the “Precise Rotation” command
    7. Select “Precise Rotation”
    8. The black frame will be seen around the command.
    9. Press and hold the left mouse button on the “Precise Rotation” command and drag it to the top border.
    10. Command will be added to the top border.
    11. Close the Customize window.

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