NX CR 2206

Bridge Bend in NX Sheet Metal

You can create a bridge between two unconnected sheet metal bodies in NX sheet metal modeling. Also, you can connect two different sheet metal bodies which intersect each other, on an intersection of the bodies.

The ” Bridge Bend” command is used for this operation.

  • Home Ribbon Bar => Bend Group => More Gallery => Bend Gallery => Bridge Bend  (Currently Hidden)
  • Menu => Insert => Bend => Bridge Bend

To create a bridge between two solid bodies in NX Sheet Metal

  1. There are two bodies in the sheet metal model.
  2. Start the “Bridge Bend” command.
  3. Select the start edge on the first body.
  4. Select the end edge on the second body
  5. Important Note: Warning alert might occur as “Select valid start and end edges. They must belong to different bodies and must not be coincident or colinear.
    This alert occurs when you select edges on the opposite side of the body. The Selected edges must be on the same side of the model.
  6. Set the width option.
    1. Finite
    2. Symmetric
    3. Full Start Edge
    4. Full End Edge
    5. Full Both Edges
  7. Click on the “Ok” button to create a bridge bend.

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