NX CR 2206

Changing Automatic Names for New Parts in NX

NX Release: 2206

You can change the default name prefix for the new parts that will be created in NX by using “Customer Defaults” as shown in the figure.

Default names for the NX files;

  • Model: Model
  • Assembly: assembly
  • Shape Studio: shape model
  • Sheet Metal: sheet_metal_model
  • Drawing: dwg

The number at the end of the name will change automatically if you don’t change part name. (model1.prt, model2.prt, model3.prt….)

To change auto names for the new parts:

  • Start the “Customer Defaults”
    File => Utilities => Customer Defaults
  • Select the “General” tab in the “Gateway” tab on the left panel in the dialog box.
  • Select the “File New” tab as shown in the figure.
  • Type the new automatic name string for the new files to the boxes specified under the “Native NX, Automatic Names for New Parts” tab.
  • You can change the separator by changing the “File name Separator” selections to Underscore (_), Dash (-), or Dot (.) as shown in the figure.
  • Click the “Ok” button in the “Customer Defaults” to apply changes and close the dialog box.
  • Restart the NX program.

Note: If the automatic name does not change, check the name you type in the Customer Default settings. The automatic name you typed should include only English alphabet letters.

2 thoughts on “Changing Automatic Names for New Parts in NX

  • Nian Fuls

    Is it possible to add a leading zero to the automatic number increment?

    • As I know it is not possible.


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