NX CR 2206

Changing Background Color in NX Permanently

You can change the NX modeling background color permanently but there is no setting for this in the “Customer Defaults”. You can change the background color by using the NX modeling template.

To change the modeling background color permanently:

  1. Start the “Open” command.
  2. Find the template file in the
    C:\Program Files\Siemens\NX2206\UGII\templates
  3. The template file is,
    1. “model-plain-1-mm-template.prt” for the modeling files
    2. “assembly-mm-template.prt” for the assembly files
  4. Open the template file.
  5. Change the background color by using the “Background” setting in the “View Ribbon Bar” as you see in the figure.
  6. Do not make any other changes to the file.
  7. You can not save the template file. If you try to save the template file an error message will occur
    “A read-only object has been modified. You will not be able to save the changes to it.
  8. Use the “Save As” command and save the file on the desktop without changing its name.
  9. Close NX program
  10. Back up the original template file.
  11. Change the new file with the template file in the
    “C:\Program Files\Siemens\NX2206\UGII\templates”
  12. Start NX

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