NX CR 2206

Copying Geometry in NX Assembly

You can copy component geometries into the assembly or other components in the NX Assembly application.

To copy a geometry in the NX application.

  1. Make a work part that you want to copy a geometry into it.
    1. If the main assembly is active, the copied geometry will be created in the main assembly.
    2. If a component in the assembly is activated and becomes a work part, the copied geometry will be created in the work part component.
  2. Start the “Wave Geometry Linker” command.
  3. Select the geometry type that will be copied into the assembly or component.
    • Composite Curve
    • Point
    • Datum
    • Sketch
    • Face
    • Region of Face
    • Body
    • Mirror Body
    • Routing Object
  4. Note: The copied geometry can be linked to the original object. in this condition, the changes in the original object will be adopted to copied object.
    To create a link between the original object and copied object, turn on the checkbox near the “Associative” box.
  5. If you want to hide the original object, Turn on the checkbox near the “Hide Original” checkbox.
  6. Click on the “Ok” button to create an object copy and close the command.

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