NX CR 2206

Edge Blend in NX Modeling

You can fillet sharp edges in NX modeling by using the “Edge Blend” command in NX modeling.

To round sharp edges:

  1. Start the “Edge Blend” command. The command icon and location on the “Home Ribbon Bar” is shown in the figure.
  2. Select edges on the body to blend.
  3. Adjust radius size.
  4. To create edge blends and finish the command.
    1. Click the “Ok” button on the dialog box.
    2. Click twice on the middle mouse button.

You can specify different radius sizes in the “Edge Blend” command.

  1. Start the “Edge Blend” command.
  2. You can not see the “Add New Set” icon and the set list in the command dialog box. Click on the drop-down arrow at the bottom of the dialog box to open the “Add New Set” function and set list.
  3. Specify radius size and select edges.
  4. You should create a new radius set. to create a new radius set.
    1. Click on the “Add new set” icon in the command dialog box
    2. Click on the middle mouse button lightly.
    3. Specify a new radius size for the new set.
    4. Select edges to blend by using the new set.
  5. If you want to create new sets, repeat step 3
  6. Click on the “Ok” button to exit the command.

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