NX CR 2206

Helical Spline in Siemens NX Modeling

In NX modeling, You can create a helical spline curve through a vector/straight line or a splined curve. The created helical splines might have a constant or variable radius and pitch.

To create a helical spline:

  1. Start the “Helix” command.
    The figure shows the command location in the graphics window.
  2. Select the creating method:
    1. Along Vector:
    2. Along Spline:
  3. Specify the “Helix” starting point in the graphics window.
    (To create a helix around a studio spline, change the creating method to “Along Spline” and select a curve in the graphics window.)
  4. Specify the direction of the helix by dragging the handles in the graphics window.
  5. Define the Size, Pitch, and Length values in the command dialog box.
  6. Click on the “OK” button to create a helix.

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