NX CR 2206

Jog in NX Sheet Metal

You can offset a planar sheet metal surface from a selected straight sketch curve at a specified distance as shown in the figure.

The “Jog” command is used for this operation in NX sheet metal modeling.

To activate the “Jog” command:

  • Home Ribbon Bar => Bend Group => More Gallery => “Jog” (Currently Hidden)
  • Menu => Insert => Bend => Jog

Tutorial: Use the “Jog” command to create a feature as shown in the figure

  1. Start the “Jog” command.
  2. The command dialog box will open.
  3. Select a sheet metal face.
  4. The sketch application will open on a selected face.
  5. Create a straight line in the sketch.
  6. Exit from sketch.
  7. The jogged part preview will be seen in the graphics window.
  8. Set height size by typing the height value into the box in the dialog box or by dragging the height arrow in the graphics window.
  9. Click on the “Reverse Direction” box near the “Height” bar, if you want to change the jogged feature direction.
  10. Click on the “Reverse Side” icon, if you want to change the fixed main side of the sheet metal feature.
  11. Set the angle of the jog by typing a value into the angle box or dragging the angle cursor in the graphics window.
  12. If you want to extend the feature through the body, tick the “Extend Section” box
    If you want to extend the feature only on the selected curve, remove the tick on the “Extend Section” box
  13. Set the “Height Reference” as Inside or Outside.
  14. Set the “Inset” as Material Inside, Material Outside or Bend Outside.

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