NX CR 2206

Linear Pattern in NX Sketch

Linear Pattern is one of the pattern methods in the “Pattern Curve” command. You can pattern the selected curve to the right, left, up, and down sides in the graphics window. Also, you can create patterns through specified directions.

To create Linear Pattern:

  1. Start the “Pattern Curve” command.
  2. Set the “Layout” method as “Linear” as shown in the figure.
  3. Select curves to create a pattern. (“Select Curve” in the “Curve to Patterns” active)
  4. Click the middle mouse once to activate the “Select Linear Object” bar in the “Direction 1” group.
  5. Select linear object. (you can select axis, curve, or edge)
  6. The preview of the pattern instances will appear in the graphics window
  7. If you want to change the pattern direction, click on the “Reverse Direction” icon
  8. Set the Spacing method
    1. Count and Pitch: The number of patterns. (includes the selected curve). Distance between each pattern instance.
    2. Count and Span: The number of patterns. (includes the selected curve). The total distance between the first selected curve and the last instance in the pattern.
    3. Pitch and Span: Distance between each instance and the total distance of the pattern.
  9. Type the “Count” and “Pitch Distance” values in the “Direction 1” group.
  10. If you want to create pattern instances in the second direction, Turn on the “Direction 2” checkbox.
  11. The “Direction 2” group will open. Repeat steps 5-6-7-8-9 in the “Direction 2” group.
  12. Click “Ok” to create a pattern and close the command dialog box.

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