NX CR 2206

Offset Surface in NX

You can create offset faces at a specified distance from the selected faces. The created offset surface will be created in a new body. The “Offset Surface” command is used for this operation.

Command location

  • Surface Ribbon Bar => Base Group => Offset Surface
  • Menu => Insert =>  Offset/Scale => Offset Surface

To create an offset surface:

  1. Start the “Offset Surface” command.
  2. Select faces to create an offset.
  3. Define the offset value.
    (Also, you can define offset value by dragging the distance arrow in the graphics window.)
  4. If you want to define different offset values for other faces, create a new offset set. To create a new offset set:
    1. Click on the “Add New Set” icon
    2. Click once on the middle mouse button.
  5. Select faces for the new offset face set and define the offset value.
  6. You will see the offset preview in the dialog box.
  7. Click “Ok” to finish the command.

Note: If you cannot select a single face on the body and all of the surfaces of the body are selected automatically, change the face selection method in the “Selection Group” as shown in the figure.

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