NX CR 2206

Opening an Existing File in NX

NX Release: 2206

You can open an existing file in NX by using the “Open” command or by using the “History” tab on the “Resource” bar.

To open an existing file by using the “Open” command:

  • Start the “Open” command
    • Click on the “ Open” command.
      • (File => Open)
      • (Menu => File => Open)
      • (Quick Acces Toolbar => Open icon)
    • Press “Ctrl+O” on the keyboard
  • The “Open” command dialog box will open. To open the existing files:
    • select a file then click the “Ok” button
    • Click twice on the file 
  • The Existing file will open in a new window in NX.

Note: By default, you can only see the NX files and the file directories in the open dialog box. To see and open other filetypes change the filetype setting near the File name box as shown in the figure. If you want to see all file types in the file directory set the file type selection to “All Files”.

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