NX CR 2206

Zoom Methods in Siemens NX

NX Release: 2206

You can easily zoom in or out the NX graphics window screen by swiping the middle mouse button in NX. The mouse cursor will become the zoom center. You can zoom the details, parts, features, etc.. by moving the mouse cursor on it and swiping the mouse wheel on it.

Zoom commands in NX:

Zoom: Zooms a specified area in the graphics window.

  1. Start the zoom command.
    1. View Ribbon Bar => Operation Group => Zoom
    2. Press “F6”
    3. Right-click on the graphics window then select the “Zoom” command on the opening list.
  2. Specify the area on the view, you want to zoom in and fit the graphics window.
  3. The specified area will fit on the graphics window.
  4. Press “Esc” to exit the command.

Zoom In/Out: This command zooms in or out the view. It is similar to swiping the mouse wheel.

  1. Start the “Zoom In/Out” command.
    Top Border Bar => View group => Zoom In/Out (Shown in the figure)
  2. Move the mouse cursor on the location that you want to make zoom center. 
  3. Press and hold the left mouse button
  4. Drag the mouse on the screen to  zoom
  5. Press Esc to finish the command.

Also, you can activate the “Zoom In/Out” by another method:

  1. Move the mouse cursor to the location where you want to make the zoom center.
  2. Press and hold the “Shift” button.
  3. Press and hold the middle mouse button and drag the mouse to zoom in/out.

Note: I prefer to swipe the middle mouse button to zoom objects instead of using zoom commands.

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